Premium Albarino


A grape variety originating from Galicia produced mainly in the Pontevedra region. This is the main variety of the D.O. Rias Baixas with particular prominence in the areas of Salnes, Ribeira Sacra and Ribeiro. It can also be found in northern Portugal.

  • Alcohol percentage

  • Grapes

  • Flavours

    Pale and not very intense colour with green highlights. Cheeky, upbeat nose with peach, white fruits, a hint of salt and notes of citrus fruits (lime and grapefruit), yeast and white flowers.
  • Best served with

    Shellfish, mussels and oysters are the obvious choices to pair this wine, as well as fried or meunière fish. Sushi and shellfish (clams, winkles), semi-firm cheeses, poultry and cod in a light sauce will also go well.

Extra info

The best locations for it are in the Atlantic microclimate. It needs mild temperatures, abundant rainfall, warm weather and sandy soils. It is usually grown in trellises.