Premium Rufete


Native grape of the Sierra de Salamanca region known as Sierra de Francia de Salamanca as well as in Zamora in the north, around Cáceres in the south and in the Arribes del Duero area. It has only just been restored in small plots. These are century-old vines. In the process of being recovered due to its wine making potential.

  • Alcohol percentage

    13,5% Vol.
  • Grapes

  • Flavours

    Intense red colour with purplish highlights. Nose features red fruit (raspberry, wild strawberry) and dark fruit (blackberry, blueberry), black olives, paprika and a hint of Criollo cocoa.
  • Best served with

    Mediterranean dishes, goulash, duck breast, cooked cheeses and roasted meats.

Extra info

Generally grown on terraces in slate or granite soils. It prefers sunny days and cool nights, and well irrigated and acidic soils. The location allows for short winters and dry summers. It is sometimes blended with tempranillo, Mouratón, Bruñal or Bastardillo.